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We are an all-volunteer group dedicated to supporting the efforts of Northern Colorado’s backyard and community food gardeners through workshops, the seed-swap, the starter-barter, and by promoting local food growing events.

14th Annual Starter Barter and Plant Sale

Saturday May 1, 2021

10 am to 1 pm

2919 Virginia Dale Dr, Fort Collins, CO 80521

Interested vendors, barterers, and shoppers – click here to fill in form if you’re planning on attending.

Veggie, fruit, flower, and herb starts will be available for sale, barter and trade.

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Seed Starting / Sowing / Planting Calendar (Zone 5)

Check out our essential Zone 5 seed starting / sowing / transplanting calendar. Put it on your fridge, you’ll be lost without it. Designed and created by our member Robert Howard.
Click here or on the image above to download the PDF version.

Veggie Seed Starting Calculator

One of our members, Alex Barnett, created this handy interactive calculator to help figure out when you should start your seeds indoors based upon the date you want them ready in a 2″ pot or a 4″ pot. Try it now…

  • Our Mission

    To inspire individuals to develop & sustain organic food-producing gardens in backyards and on private or public land... & to build competence, community & joy while doing it!
  • Starter Barter

    In the interest of keeping backyard food-growing affordable in early May we hold our Starter Barter & Plant Sale.
  • No Dig Gardens

    No-Dig, Lasagna, Compost…. whatever you call it, this is an excellent way of creating thick humus-laden, water retaining, nutrient-rich, organic soil for your vegetables.
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    There is no fee, everyone is welcome. Fill out our membership form, or e-mail us with questions or for more information.